Tag Overriding with Phlex in Markdown

When I am writing markdown, I am writing markdown, I don't have access to the markup. Sure, I can add global styles but if I want to add any block styling I am out of luck.

// site_controller.rb

    def page_layout(page)
      ApplicationLayout.new do

One of the (many) cool things I like about Phlex's object orientated approach to the view layer is that I can use method overriding:

class PhlexMarkdownComponent < Phlex::Markdown
  def ul
    super(class: 'bullet')

I decided to override the ul method at the level of PhlexMarkdownComponent - I could provide variants by sub-classing PhlexMarkdownComponent and providing different overrides. I could then use frontmatter to specify which variant to use.

I am also thinking of using fontmatter to provide css variables to the markdown. This will enable me to, for example, make bullet points unicorns for a particular post only.

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